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The TurnKey to Your Success

Welcome to the world of RACAM - electronic subcontracting from start to finish.
Established in 1998, RACAM manufactures, markets, delivers and services products for a wide range of markets including computers, peripheral datacom, telecom, medical, industrial, government consumer and multimedia industries.
A company expert at total system production based on individual customer requirments, RACAM is the turnkey to your success.

A Full Service Electronic Turnkey Company

Using the most advanced manufacturing technologies, RACAM sees your product through from start to finish. A full service Electronic Turnkey company, RACAM handles all purchasing of mechanical and electronic components, raw cards, publications and software. Using state-of-the-art PCB assembly facilities, RACAM offers fine pitch SMT assembly, micro BGA assembly, analog/digital/RF assembly and optical assembly.

A company committed to Total Quality Management RACAM conducts the following tests to ensure that all products are absolutely accurate:
In-circuit test, boundary scan, functional test and RF test. Once your final product has been assembled and tested, RACAM also makes sure that it is delivered directly to your customer, arriving with a warranty. In addition, RACAM offers spares management and depot repair.

State-of-the-Art Production Facilities

With its ISO 9001:2000 EN 46001, ISO 13485 (medical equipment) certified production facilities, RACAM is known for exceptional quality and high yield. RACAM continually upgrades its manufacturing facilities. Consequently, it has the most technologically advanced equipment for efficient manufacturing of printed circuit boards and final assemblies. Utilizing Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) hardware and software tools, it enhances the efficiency of its manufacturing process through automated machine programming, production line optimization and generation of production and test programs. In addition, by using sophisticated internal programs, RACAM is able to service custom-made orders of all quantities.

A Management Team That Helps You Pick & Place Your Product

RACAM's skilled management team represents over 30 years of experience in electronics. With extensive know-how in almost every environment, RACAM's professional engineers and decision makers provide expert guidance for a variety of products ranging from commercial to government and military products capable of operating under the most severe conditions.

A Network of Affiliated Companies

A member of the CAM Group, RACAM works closely with ARCAM for developing prototypes and filling small orders. Similarly, it turns to its affiliated company CAM for manufacturing large quantities of up to several million units.

27 Lehi St. Bnei-Brak 51200, Israel Tel: +972-3-5798282 Fax: +972-3-5798866

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